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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] under water concrete

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Harold Sprague wrote regarding underwater concrete: 
>In general the slump should not exceed 5" ... Review the Concrete Manual by 
the US Dept. of Interior and Design and Control of Concrete Mixes by the PCA.< 
Actually, the PCA publication recommends that the slump not be less than 5"; 
preferably in the 6"-9" range. 
A couple other recommendations - fly ash in the mix will help reduce 
segregation; or an "anti-washout admixture" could be used (such as 
MasterBuilders PS-802). 

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I have a question about under water concrete. What properties does such a 
concrete need?  And how to obtain these properties?  Is it important that the 
water where the concrete is poured, is sea water?

Many thanks in advance

Filip Van Rickstal

Dep. of civil engineering
de Croylaan 2
B-3001  Heverlee
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