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[SEAOC] Reply:-] Plywood Shear Wall over Gyp Board

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Sorry Carl, I think your first phrase "captured the essence" this 
time.  I don't think it would be a good idea to leave the gyp board 
in place.  Plywood diaphragms tend to fail by bending over and 
pulling out the nails anyway, generally accompanied by some 
significant enlargement of the nail holes in the 2x stud.  With gyp 
board in the way, I don't think the diaphragm would be able to 
develop any useful strength at all.  And besides, the contractors have 
such fun ripping that stuff off.
Martin Johnson

> At the risk of sounding dumb, I would like opinions on using plywood over gyp
> board for a seismic retrofit.  The building is an existing tilt-up concrete
> building with a large existing wood mezzanine.  One wall of the mezzanine has
> gyp board on both sides which is inadequate for resisting shear.  The
> question:  To save money, can (or should) plywood be attached directly over
> the gyp board without first removing the gyp board?