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[SEAOC] web site

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If any of you are trying to post information to the seaoc web site please
wait.  Last week, the day before Shafat went to India, they rearranged the
seaoc directory on the web server, gave it a new name, new passwords etc.
Unfortunately, they don't seem to work.  They let me in but don't allow me
to upload or download from the directory.  

The forms on the web site refer to a .cgi script to process them and they
moved the directory for the script.  What this means is that the forms are
not finding the .cgi script.  Since I can't access the web site, I can't
change the reference to tell the forms where to find this script so you will
get an error message if you try filling out the forms.

Be patient until I get access again.  I'll let you know when they are
working properly again.