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[SEAOC] Re: under water concrete

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> Filip Van Rickstal asked a question about under water concrete, 

On Tue, 1 Oct 1996, Sprague, Harold O. wrote:

> As important as the mix design is, you first need to establish placement 
> techniques...........  
> Design the mix the same as you would for other sea water or fresh water as 
> applicable.  If sea water, use Type V Sulfate resistant cement, drop the w/c 
> ratio to about 0.40.  If it is reinforced consider an admixture like Armatec 
> by Sika, cathodic protection, rebar coatings, carbon fiber rebar, and/or 
> fiberglass fiber reinforcing to control micro cracks.

The glass fibers in Fiberglass can deteriorate in an alkali environment, 
such as concrete submerged in seawater.   

Testing was done in Florida, on fiberglass rebars in precast concrete
piles.  After a couple of years exposurete, the glass fibers had
dissolved. (There was an article in the ACI journals about this testing) 

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