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[SEAOC] High Load Plywood Diaphragms

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I am involved in a seismic retrofit project where I need to strengthen part of
an existing roof diaphragm.  I have been reviewing research report #138 from
the APA and am curious if anybody has had experience with that document.

In particular I am looking into what the APA calls "high load" diaphragms where
the allowable shears exceed 1000 plf.  There testing, documented in that
report, includes a diaphragm where an additional layer of plywood was applied
on top of the existing diaphragm areas of high shear (p10&11 of research report
No. 138).  

In there report they stated the boundary nailing governed the design and not
the nailing at the other panel edges.  I am a little puzzled by that statement
and no further explanation is given as to why. 

According to my calculations the shear capacity at the discontinuous panel
edges still governed the diaphragm capacity.

If anybody has had experience with this document I would appreciate an email
back and I can explain the situation further.


Stephen Fisher, PE