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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] [Q:] Explosion wave ---> Damping?

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In that type of explosive (impulsive) loading I don't think damping has much
influence.  The load is usually short duration and of high value.  You are
most probably interested on the peak response in which case damping won't
make much difference.  In most cases damping is ignored under impulsive loads.

At 11:05 PM 10/7/96 +0100, you wrote:
>Problem:	Design of the reactor containment of a NPP
>		against explosion wave.
>Question:	What factors should be taken in consideration
>		when assuming the damping of the structure under
>		this type of loading? 4 or 7 % of critical damping -
>		how to rectify the higher damping value to be
>		used in the calculation?
>		Does someone know of a paper/book or has experience
>		in this field?
>Thanks for any comment !

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