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[SEAOC] plywood shear wall sill bolts

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     One of the speakers at the seaoc convention mentioned the reason for
 plate washers in bottom sill plates, after the Northridge earthquake, was
because the bottom plate was in crossgrain bending while the holddown
deflected. My thought is that even with the larger washers the problem
remains that the holddowns still deflect and the plywood still pulls up
except now the bottom plate is held down to the concrete better. Since the
holddowns resist uplift and the anchor bolts resist sliding, the anchor bolts
are only designed for shear. I wonder what would happen if the anchor bolts
had no washers or nuts so the bottom plate could deflect with the rest of the
wall? or maybe some innovative alternate detail. ( I am refering to the
intermediate anchor bolts in the mudsill, not the holddown anchors )
     What are your thoughts?

Tom Harris , SE
Thousand Oaks, CA