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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] NEW COLA Requirements

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     Sandy, is there a system to review complaints on deputy inspectors ? I
recently had a job in Camarillo that the contractor substituted an inspector
different from the plan spec , that was not on the job when i got there, was
not watching the construction when i sent one of my engineers back, that the
building inspector complained to me about as inattentive. Of course he never
sent me a report. 
     I mentioned this to a deputy inspector group representative who had a
display at the seaoc convention, and he said they have a review system in N.
CA. Maybe if there was a system in S. CA we would get a little attention to
UBC sec 106.

     I really find your posts to this group informative. I  always spec
special inspection for post tension slabs on grade even though the stress is
50psi since the workers are always stepping on the cables during the pour.
Since they are theoretically supposed to span over the clay soil expansion
points, these slabs would not seem "non-structural". It seems a mistake this
is exempted from being required.

 Thanks in advance

Tom Harris