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[SEAOC] NEW City of Los Angeles Inspection Requirements

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Hello All,
Sure glad to see the fix-it guy has returned!!!!!
I sent this just before the server went down, so here it is again....

I received a Materials Control Newsletter today dated August 1996.  In
addition to the assurance of the continuance of the COLA Deputy Inspector
Program and current listings for involved City personnel, there were several
items of interest to the Engineering Community:
The City has adopted the 1996 Los Angeles Building Code which uses the 1994
UBC with the COLA ammendments, but don't try to buy one yet because there
are printing problems and it won't be ready for a few months....
However the City IS enforcing several issues:

        a.      DIA - Drilled In Anchors/Controlled Activity 
The COKA Building Department requires Deputies who inspect the installation
of drilled in anchor bolts and epoxied dowels to have a controlled activity
for Drilled In Anchors in conjunction with a valid RC, RM, or SSW license.
(NOTE:  There will be a class given on this subject preparatory to taking
the City of Los Angeles Controlled Activities exam.  It will be at the
Simpson office in Brea, Calif at 7AM-11:30 on November 2.  Licensed COLA
Deputy Inspectors should attend this course before taking the City exam.)

        b.     Testing Agencies 
Non Destructive Testing - A clarification of the requirements for these
Slip Resistance Testing - This qualification is an add-on certification to
the Test Lab's license.

        c.      Welded Connections in Moment Resisting Frame Buildings  
The Department has come up with a policy on the requirements for the repair
of welded steel frame connections in existing buildings and the design
requirements for welded connections in new steel moment resisting frame
buildings.  The latest version is dated July 16,1996 and a copy was attached
to the Newletter.  It is quite specific, requiring conformance with AWS D1.1
- 94 and specifically discusses the Welding Procedures Specification (WPS)
which is required to be developed idiosyncratically for each job. A
pre-construction meeting between the Engineer of Record, the Fabricator, the
Erector, the Contractor and the Inspectors shall take place to discuss the
WPS to insure the quality of work that the Engineer of Record has specified. 
        There are many requirements for welding repair and new construction
and inspection procedures and design criteria and fabrication procedures.
There are 10 pages in all and I won't post them here, but in the next few
days they will be posted in the Inspection Practices Committee section of
the SEAOC web page.

Also included in the Newsletter pack was an Interdepartmental Correspondence
addressed to:

All Engineers (enforcing the LA Building Code)
All Building Inspectors

Subject:             Minimum Specified Strength of Concrete ---
                   Continuous Inspection for Reinforced Concrete
"The new and existing code requirements on concrete strength and special
inspection requirements have created some confusion and controversy.  This
is especially troublesome for construction and inspection of concrete
foundations and slabs on grade. The code is currently being revised to
correct for these deficiencies.  The following policy, which reflects these
changes, shall be applied until the revisions are formally adopted:

1.      The minimum specified strength of plain and reinforced concrete
shall be 2500         psi except when used as structural fill (in lieu of soil).

2.      All concrete construction shall require continuous inspection by a
registered         Deputy Inspector during the placement and testing of
concrete, the placement of         reinforcing steel and the placement and
stressing of pretensioned tendons.

        Exception:  Unless specifically required by the design engineer and
shown on the         approved set of engineered plans, continuous inspection
is not required for the         following: 

                a. When plain or reinforced 2500 psi strength concrete is
used for the                  continuous footings or pad foundations of
building that are built on                    grades no steeper than 3:1 and
less than 4 stories.
                b.  Non-structural plain or reinforced concrete slabs on
grade including                 prestressed slabs with less than 150 psi

The City of Los Angeles Code of Ethics, Items 1-10 were also included ??????

The Newsletter ended with an encouraging statement re: emphasis on
communication between Deputy Inspectors and the city Building Department.

Informationally submitted,
Sandy Pringle