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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Re: UBC 106.3.4

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Thanks Sandy, we got this before the server went down. The information was
very useful. Thanks again.
Dennis Wish 

: From: Sandy Pringle <sandyp(--nospam--at)>
: To: seaoc(--nospam--at)
: Subject: [SEAOC] Re: UBC 106.3.4
: Date: Wednesday, October 23, 1996 6:21 PM
: I also sent this just before the bomb here it is again...
: At 02:11 PM 10/3/96 -0700, Dennis Wish wrote:
: >A new plan check correction is popping up lately that I am unfamiliar
: >It refers to section 106.3.5 of the 1994 UBC (Book 1 - which I don't
: >which states: 106.3.5 Inspection and observation program.
: Some comments on this posting:
: It was a pretty accurate quote, but you ommitted in the text that "the
: of the individuals or firms who are to perform the special inspections"
: to be included in the Inspection Program although you did mention it in
: passing later in your posting.  In fact, that issue was part of efforts
: get the contractor out of the loop, at least as far as hiring the
: goes.  As an aside, I understand the city of Phoenix requires the
: of Record to supply the Special Inspection and Materials Testing through
: contract.  That determines for SURE that the Engineer is kept current
: the problems incurred and the solutions developed.  As you know, the
: majority of my company's work comes through the Engineering community
: really makes things a lot neater, simpler and easier to stay focused on
: pertinent issues.
: >A new plan check correction is popping up lately that I am unfamiliar
: >It refers to section 106.3.5 of the 1994 UBC (Book 1 - which I don't
: >which states:
: >"106.3.5 Inspection and observation program. When special inspection is
: >>observation is to occur.
: >The inspection program shall include samples of inspection reports and
: >provide time limits for submission of reports."
: I believe that ICBO, in its' booklet on the Model Special Inspection
: Program, has included some sample forms.  Tom Harris is probably the guy
: talk to, however as regards Structural Observation AND Special
: >This is a very generalized provision that is difficult to predict. Does
: >anyone have a standard format for issuing an inspection program to the
: >building official?
: >It does not seem difficult to indicate which deputy inspection service
: >to be used, but how does the engineer know when the inspection is to be
: >done - i.e., is this a date, or a stage of construction? Can the program
: >dictate that the contract shall call for this inspection at the time he
: >ready to begin the work - as long as the engineer, architect or owner
: >chooses the inspection service?
: I believe that the phases of construction are what is referenced.  The
: Structural Observer is required to set a pre-job on site meeting with all
: members of the Construction Team; the Engineer, Contractor, Special
: Inspector(s) and, if available, the Municipal Inspector.  It's a little
: nebulous as to who does the notifying, so that is one of the issues that
: pre-job meeting should resolve as well as the establishment of the
: definition of the phases of construction.  We can't tell the Contractor
: to shcedule his work without encountering some responsibility for the
: completed product, timewise or qualitywise, but he is the only one who
: really knows when (in time and construction phase) he will need to notify
: the Inspection Agency of his needs for Special Inspection.  Again, this
: an issue clarified and decided at the pre-job meeting so to make as sure
: possible that work is proceeding within the required quality control and
: quality assurance parameters.
: >Other than structural foundation steel placement, shear walls (anchor
: >bolts, holddowns, and plywood nailing) and load transfers from the
: >diaphragm to the shear element, what other observations are to be
: >in this program?
: What a great lead-in, Dennis, for the SEAOSC Inspection Practices
: Committes's upcoming sequel to the resoundingly successful ENGINEERING &
: INSPECTION '95, "Lessons Learned From Northrige" on March 11 '95 at the
: Unocal Auditorium.  Sold out, over 500 Engineers and Inspectors met and
: further opened areas of dialogue.
: The upcoming seminar on February 22, 1997 is ENGINEERING & INSPECTION
: "The Structural Observer and the Inspector".  We belive this will help to
: explain confusing issues and further clarify the roles of each.  In fact,
: this examination has already uncovered deliberate areas of duplication of
: efforts and justified them. Who is looking at what and when to proceed
: ahead, how do we communicate?  How does one member of the Team know what
: other members have done?  What is the paper trail? None of us is involved
: only one job at a time; record keeping needs to meet the necessary
: overworking the copy machine in snowstorm of paperwork which may not even
: get read!   This examination will allow all of us to benefit from the
: combined experiences.
: The format is to address each of 4 disciplines, Wood Framing, Structural
: Steel, Masonry, and Concrete, defined even further as New Construction
: Existing Buildings (retro-fit, remodels etc.)  We have an Engineer and at
: least one Inspector (Municipal and/or Special/Deputy) to address each of
: these definitions within each discipline.  An overview, visual aids,
: (nothing fancy, sandwiches and soda), a trade show in which Industry gets
: show off their wares.
: We have been working on this for 4 months.  Flyers are being developed
: we are exploring ways to ensure that as many as possible are given the
: opportunity to take advantage of this program and would appreciate any
: promotional ideas or groups to be included in the mailing.
: Sandy Pringle
: sandyp(--nospam--at)
: ...
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