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[SEAOC] Retrofitting of old buildings

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Andrew Goh and Colleagues,
As a start, I would contact the Building Seismic Safety Council, 1201 L Street, 
N. W., Suite 400, Washington, D. C. 20005, Telephone (202) 289-7800, FAX (202)
289-1092.  Ask BSSC for their list of publications which I believe are FREE to 
residents of the United States.
These publications cover a wide range of issues related to the evaluation and 
retrofit of existing buildings to improve their seismic performance.  Of 
particular interest are publications FEMA 178 "NEHRP Handbook for the Seismic 
Evaluation of Existing Buildings, 1992" and FEMA 172 "NEHRP Handbook of 
Techniques for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings, 1992."  
Please do not be mislead that just because these publications are FREE to 
residents of the United States that they are not very worthwhile.  I know 
personally many of the dedicated structural engineers and architects, many who 
worked pro-bono, on the BSSC Committees, that were funded by FEMA, that produced 
these important publications.  When you contact BSSC tell them that Frank 
McClure sent you. If you find these publications worthwhile, please write a 
letter of appreciation to Mr. Ugo Morelli, FEMA, 500 C Street, SW, Washington 
DC, 20472.  Through his dedicated work he made these publications possible.   
Good luck.  Keep in touch if you need additional information.   

Frank McClure  fmcclure(--nospam--at)