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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Probabilisitic Design Codes

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Gordon McTaggart-Cowan,
In your recent subject email message to SEAOC List Server, you mentioned that 
you were looking for "SEAOC2000", which you indicated was possibly a "new 
probabilistic design code with 4 probability levels".
You might be looking for "Vision 2000" "Performance Based Seismic Engineering of 
Buildings" prepared by Structural Engineers Association of California, 555 
University Avenue, Suite 126, Sacramento, CA 95825, Tel. 916-427-3647, FAX 
916-568-0677.  Lori Campbell is the Executive Assistant.  I believe it costs 
about $40.00. However, it is not a "design code" like the Uniform Building Code, 
but presents the background and philosophy for future "probabilistic design 
codes."  It is an excellent reference document and discusses and presents a very 
nice outline of many of the current building codes with seismic provisions that 
are in force today.  
Hope this information helps.  Keep in touch.

Frank McClure   fmcclure(--nospam--at)