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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Retrofitting of old buildings

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In a message dated 96-10-24 02:18:28 EDT, you write:

<< I'd like to know if anyone know of any codes of practices or literature
 on retrofit of old buildings.  Specifically what are the factors to be
 considered when old buildings are to undergo major structural retrofitting
 works. >>

If you are in a seismic region, then the resources mentioned by Frank McClure
are a good start.  If not in a seismic region, then the resources mentioned
probably would still be a good start as to how to assess older materials.
 Because construction varies by region and different countries, my
suggestions are general, but it sounds like the first step is for you to
assess and understand the as-built conditions.

No. 1:  Hire a testing laboratory to do selective testing.  For instance, if
the building is a reinforced concrete building, you could (1) take core
samples of the concrete to determine their strength and soundness, (2) take
samples of reinforcing steel (from carefully selected locations) and test
them, (3) use a metal detector (such as a pachometer) to verify and locate
reinforcement locations in general, (4) use an x-ray machine, budget
allowing, to further identify rebar sizes in some locations, and (5) use a
chipping hammer to break away the concrete at selected joints, etc, to check
out how well the building is tied together.

No. 2.  Do some research.  Find old textbooks, talk to some oldtimers, find
out how things were built back then (20-50 years is not really that old for
some of my buddies).

No. 3.  Check for that warm and fuzzy feeling.  If your confidence level is
increasing, then you're on the right track.  If not, then keep working on it.

That's my contribution.  Hope it helps.

(P.S.  Hi to Chris) 

Carl S.