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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Single jolts like an EQ, but not EQ!!!!!

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I suggest an monitoring system to determine the location (if in the
building) of the shocks. One such system is used to monitor post tensioned
tendon and wire breaks in damaged buildings. Monitors are placed at various
parts of the building, on each floor, and the time that the vibrations take
to reach each monitor is analyzed to give the location of the shock.

I have been involved in two buildings that had foundation failures that
manifested themselves by sudden shocks vibrating the buiding as it settled.
Evenutally, both cracked the concrete floors and in one case the masonry
walls, which lead to the solution of the problem.

If no earthquakes are avilable to blame the shocks on (which can easily be
determined), it may be a serious structual problem. Or it may be a
troblesome ghost. We investigated the allegation of one of those recently
also, but found a more more logical solution to the tile in the home raising up.


John Pepper, P.E.
The Pepper Engineering Group, Inc.
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