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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] rebar costs

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I have encountered the same thing. I usually specify grade 40 for #5 and
smaller and grade 60 for #6 and larger. Lately, I have noticed that all the
# 5 bar I have observed is grade 60 and some of the #4. I have considered
specifying grade 60 throughout.

Jeff Smith

>     During a structural observation today the concrete contractor told me
>the differece in cost between 40 and 60ksi rebar is $5.00 per ton ( 1400 feet
>of number 4 bar ).
>     Is this correct? If so, why even bother with 40 ksi rebar as is common
>with number 3 and 4 rebar ? The contractor said lately local suppliers had
>60ksi readily available in the smaller sizes. The application today was a
>non-structural slab on grade with number 3 rebar at 18" O.C..
>     I would value your thoughts.
>Tom Harris, SE
>Thousand Oaks, CA