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[SEAOC] micro soil nails

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I have had a couple of occasions recently to evaluate the use of small
scale soil nails. Basically these would be steel stakes driven into the
ground to anchor a building or canopy. Specifically, they will hold down
a steel carport structure.

The soil nails, "stakes", are driven about 24-30 inches into the ground.
The deformed bars (rebar?) are threaded at the top so that a nut can be
installed to hold down a base channel.

I am not aware of any guidelines on their use, have never seen any
testing or engineering data. There are no catalogs listing these and
their capacities.

Does anyone on this list have any suggestions on how to evaluate these
anchors? Is this all done by "feel" alone? Does the installer just
monitor how far his hammer will drive the anchor per blow and apply some
driving resistance factor? I am at a loss.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The loading on these small structures is due to 70 mph winds, no seismic
to speak of. Roof loads of 20 psf.

Thanks, Ted

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