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>knowing why. I always specify "all stirrups and ties shall be Grade 
>40...", and the reason is bendability. I have seen cracks on the outer 
>radii of Grade 60 stirrups bent to the smaller allowable radius, hence, I 
>design Av for 40 ksi, I spec. it, and I expect to get it. 

Very good point, Bob, thanks for refreshing my memory.  I have had
contractors, who do there own bar bending, request more smaller diameter
bars in lieu of less larger bars. Most portable benders will not bend
anything bigger than a # 5,  so if a bar is going to be shop bent, it would
not make much difference if it was grade 40 or 60 from a bendability
standpoint. Most stirrups are always bent in the shop and so the grade
availability is usually not an issue. Like you said, when a contractor says
grade 40 is not available, that probably means from the supplier *he* has
an account with or that there is a 3 day lead time from some other source.

Jeff Smith

>I often have contractors tell me that Grade 40 isn't available. What that 
>usually means is that their supplier doesn't stock it, ususally because 
>they want to hold down their inventory. In fact, it's readily available.
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