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[SEAOC] RE: [SEAOC] Rw factors

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See UBC 1994 Paragraphs 1628.3.3 & 1628.3.4.  Using the lowest Rw of the
various systems is the procedure *required* by the Code.

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>Subject: 	[SEAOC] Rw factors
>I would like to know what other engineers have been using for Rw with the
>following conditions: Flexible diaphragms using plywood shear walls mixed
>with steel frames on both residences and commercial structures.
>We have conservatively used the lowest value for Rw for all lateral force
>resisting elements in the structure in the past, but it seems that one could
>justify using an 8 for the plywood shear walls and a 6 for "Ordinary" steel
>moment frames, for example, since the diaphragms are flexible and the shears
>are distributed based upon tributary area.