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To clarify, I was describing a situation where there are *only* plywood
shearwalls in one direction and *only* OMRF's in the orthogonal direction.
This would be, for example, a situation where you have long uninterupted
longintudinal plywood shearwalls in one axis and open fronts with frames in
the transverse direction, such is the case in long, narrow buildings.
However in this case, a Rw of 6 would not make much difference in the
shearwall design.

>>UBC 1628.3.3 requires that the lowest Rw be used
>Is this always true?
>For combinations along different axes, it is possible to have a 3 story or
>less plywood shear wall, bearing wall system in one direction with Rw=8 and
>an OMRF in the other direction with Rw=6.....right?
>Jeff Smith