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[SEAOC] Stainless Steel

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There are several resources for stainless steel design and fabrication:
1.   Stainless Steel of North America 800-982-0355, also on the Internet.
2.   Nickel Development Institute 416-362-8850
3.   AISI has a book on fabricating stainless steel
4.   International Nickel Company, New York, NY
5.   Rolled Alloys 800-521-0332

Start with Stainless Steel of North America.  They have a large listing of 
publications that are quite helpful and free.  Most likely you will use a 
type 304 or 316.  If there are chlorides or other aggressive chemicals, use 
the 316.  Keep in mind that you can go all the way to Carpenter 20 if you 
need the ultimate in corrosion protection (Carpenter 20 is used to pipe 
sulfuric acid), but with each increase in type, there is a huge increase in 

List the ASTM designation and the AISI designation.  The ASTM designation 
will list the minimum mechanical properties (important to us structural 
engineers) as well as the chemical properties (important for chemical 
resistance).  Check with the local steel supply houses for which is the 
common available ASTM designation.  Keep in mind that the ASTM designation 
will vary with the shape of the material (i.e. flats, plate, sheet, round, 

For fasteners, consider ASTM A193, and designate the type depending on 
corrosion resistance and strength required.  Specify a graphite lubricant 
with an alcohol vehicle similar to Neolube to prevent galling which is a 
problem with stainless steel fasteners.  Do not allow reuse unless the bolts 
are inspected.  If you need a tensioned bolt, you will have to write your 
own spec.  A325 tensioning rules will not apply, because stainless steels 
are generally not as strong as high strength bolts.

I hope you find this information useful.  Feel free to contact me if there 
are any questions.

Harold O. Sprague
Black & Veatch