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In a message dated 96-11-14 01:57:51 EST, you write:

<< Would you mind sharing with us which program that is?

A few years ago, we were looking for a program that can handle more than
simple a beam design. Commercially available packages were good for common
needs but did not address our specific needs adequately. I took the challenge
upon myself and ended up with an interactive program that makes the design of
beams a very simple task. It is always difficult to decide whether we want to
write some thing which takes over the control of the design in a given
problem or if we want the Engineer to retain control of the decisions. We
took the latter approach and created a program that is comparable to sports
car with tremendous horse power; a very powerful yet simple to use program. A
leading Structural Engineering office in San Francisco has been using this
program for 3-4 years.

The program can calculate bending moments and shears for various load
patterns and displays the design results for Engineer to accept or try
something else. It can be toggled between the ASD or LRFD method of
calculations by push of a key. The entire program is written in Turbo Pascal
and Assembler. The program includes a custom written spreadsheet like editor
for entering input data.

The LRFD section of the program handles capacity calculations of any
arbitrary shape. The current version of the program handles Wide Flange plus
Plate, WT, or Channel section on the bottom flange. Other shapes may be
added. (such as different flange sizes etc.) with minor effort. Another way
to handle the same thing would be to load custom sections property file that
contains the properties of desired section shapes. I don't know of any other
program on the market that has this feature.

Some of the other features of the program include:
1.	Can calculate the susceptibility to vibrations.
2.	Can calculate capacity by using ASD method.
3.	The program comes with entire AISC database of sections. Other section
database files 
      can be loaded into the program temporarily or as default database.
4.	Can select the number of stud, size or % of composite action desired.
5.	Can design (by ASD only) the section by entering section properties only.
Good for
      designing composite open web joists (trusses).

Hardip S. Pannu S.E.
email: hspannu(--nospam--at)