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Discussions are more than exceptable, they are encouraged. Blatent
advertising is what most of us resent (don't speak until spoken about). 
If Bruce or any other developer has a software that can meet the needs of
the person asking, by all means respond - even educate the rest of us.
When it comes time to sell your product or close a sale, take it offline or
at least off the listservice.
Without sounding like an endorsment, Bruce is an active member in SEAOC and
on the state board Computer Applications Committee that created this
Listservice as well as a participant in the SEAOC Online quarterly journal.
The last think I wish to do is stiffle his most important knowledge.
And, Bruce, knows how to use tact.
Therefore, go for it!

Dennis S. Wish PE
Editor SEAOC Online

At 10:34 AM 11/15/96 -0800, Bob Shilling wrote:
>On Fri, 15 Nov 1996 BRBATES(--nospam--at) wrote:
>> In a message dated 96-11-15 01:20:53 EST, you write:
>> So are we now accepting advertising on the SEAOC mail list?
>> Bruce Bates
>> RISA Technologies
>Someone asked a software question, and Mr. Pannu replied. I don't 
>remember any objections to your posts re: RISA in the past. I certainly 
>think discussion of products useful to SEs is a valid application of this 
>list. I WOULD object to frequent, blatant advertising posts, but again, I 
>don't think Mr. Pannu (or you) have overstepped this boundary.
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