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[SEAOC] (Fwd) [SEAOC] channel bending about weak axis

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Date:          Sat, 16 Nov 1996 09:22:53 -0800
From:          qwu1(--nospam--at) (qiudong wu)
To:            seaoc(--nospam--at)
Subject:       [SEAOC] channel bending about weak axis
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<<In ASD 9th Ed., section F2.1.1 to F2.1.2, the allowable stress for I- 
and H-shape bending about weak axis was addressed. In section F1.3, the 
allowable stress for channel bending about strong axis was addressed. 

However, I can't find the abllowable stress for channel bending about 
weak axis. Can anyone tell me where to find this information or give me 
reference ? Thanks in advance.

Quick wu, P.E.>>

ASD's F2.1 and F2.2 still aplly for the case because there is no 
lateral-torsional buckling while bending about its weak axis for 
the channel.

Lei Xu, PhD (Structural Engineering) 

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