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[SEAOC] Re: steaming concrete

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At 22:57 15.11.96 -0800, you wrote:
>Do you have info on the short or long term durability
>effect or any other effects on re-heating concrete units of this kind?

The question is what temperature's the concrete gets. With low temperatures
(<35°C) there is little effect on durability, with higher temperatures you
will "destroy" the pore-structure in the concrete => reduction in freece/taw
recictance f.instance. 

Differences in temperature incide the concret will create forces (tension)
inside the concrete. The highte differances (gradients) the greater forces
=> may lead to cracking. On the bridges I am working on (I am an controller
for those who has ordered the bridges) we have described an max gradient of
20°C form the outer part of the concrete (in the cover zone) to 300mm inside
the structures.

To high temperatures inside a structure (>65°C) may lead to poorer concrete
- mostly a porblem in summer time or in massive constructions withoid coolers.


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