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[SEAOC] [SEAOC] steaming concrete

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To: Leon <rdlandpc(--nospam--at)>
Subject: [SEAOC] steaming concrete

L>We have a project of making thousand of precast bridge deck segments of
L>size ~3.5mx7mx2m high. Because of turn over cycle and then early strength
L>requirement these segments after cast will be steam heated for about 2hrs
L>maximum during the initial 12 hrs curing process. This is particularly
L>necessary in the forthcoming Winter.
L>The precast operation utilizes the freshly cast unit and put it into a
L>match cast position forming formwork for the next new unit to be cast.
L>There is concern over the match cast unit being cooked again together with
L>the next new unit. Do you have info on the short or long term durability
L>effect or any other effects on re-heating concrete units of this kind?
L>don't mind to pay for reply or articles are available.

As a freebie, I suggest you locate a system called "Sure-Cure". This
uses thermocouples, tied into a computer, to predict stripping time. I
don't recall where they are located, but if you contact a couple of
precast plants in the northern U.S., you can probably get a lead from
one of them.

If you want us to do a search for you, we are concrete consultants and
this is the kind of thing we can do pretty rapidly.

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