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[SEAOC] Re: Do not solicit for work on this forum

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In a message dated 96-11-18 09:56:47 EST, Mr. Shilstone wrote:

<< As a freebie, I suggest you locate a system called "Sure-Cure". This
 uses thermocouples, tied into a computer, to predict stripping time. I
 don't recall where they are located, but if you contact a couple of
 precast plants in the northern U.S., you can probably get a lead from
 one of them.
 If you want us to do a search for you, we are concrete consultants and
 this is the kind of thing we can do pretty rapidly. >>

This is the type of solicitation, promotion that should be discouraged on the
SEAONC server.  In my opinion, it it appropriate for Mr. Shisltone to give
the contact  and leads for information.  But for making a "pitch" for
consulting work, I suggest the reply should be addressed directly to the
person requesting information, not on the server.

Anand Nene