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[SEAOC] Re: concrete subjected to fire

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At 20:11 18.11.96 -0800, you wrote:
>What are the effects to concrete and reinforcing when subjected to fire

In very short terms:
        1. Fire => differances in temperature => forces => cracks (micro and
        2. Heat > 50°C starts to destroy pore structure. >~100°C this is
significant. (this is causing by evaporation of pore-water that porduces
forces (water-membran forces, I do not know any better word) that will
"destroy" pore structure etc. (mico level) This causes loss of durability.
        3. Chemical reactions in high temperatures may case loss of strenght
- PS! I am VERY unsertain on this.

Of these 3 in #1 the most significant.

BTW! Rebar and concrete have different termic coifisients and will therefore
have different increase in length caused by temperature. This will lead to
forces between concrete and rebar - and in worst cases lead to loss of bond.


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