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[SEAOC] Crack Width Limitations

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     I assume you are referring to a "Design" crack width limitation.
     so, ACI 224R, "Control of Cracking", provides guidelines in
     TABLE 4.1, Tolerable Crack Widths.  For moist air and soil they 
     recommend a limit of 0.012 inch. If your structures will be 
     susceptible to deicing salts or similar chemicals they recommend
     inch.  If you are going to specify a design crack width limit
then I 
     would suggest you also specify that the crack width be
calculated in 
     accordance with ACI 318 section R10.6.4.  Note that the above
     limits correspond to a "z" value of 131 and 77 respectively
which is 
     another way of specifying crack limits.
     Thomas Hunt