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[SEAOC] In-plane seismic shear transfer: untopped concrete plank and masonry wall (ignore previous post)

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Regarding an existing in-plane shear connection between untopped 12" precast,
prestressed hollow-core concrete floor and 8" concrete masonry unit (CMU)
walls:  the walls are parallel to and centered on a longitudinal precast
panel joint, 1/4" to 1" gap between panels, CMU walls above and below panels,
CMU wall not continuous through panels, vertical CMU reinforcement is
supposed to extend through the gap, gaps are supposedly grout-filled.

None of the panel voids adjacent to the walls have been "accessed," filled
with concrete, or engaged with reinforcement. There are no shear keys for
horizontal shear.  Shear transfer from panel to lower wall appears to be by
mortar and grout-to-panel friction (not shear-friction since no reinf) 
together with some ill-defined action at the panel ends.  Upper wall-to-panel 
-to-lower wall in-plane shear transfer seems to be a problem, too.

Was this standard practice in mid-1970's in areas of high seismicity?
Is this current standard practice in areas of high seismicity?
Is there any test information available regarding this connection?
Is there any theoretical/design information available?

Thanks much,

Dave Evans, P.E.