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[SEAOC] Harbin, China project

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I work for a structural engineering firm in St. Paul, Minnesota.  We have the
opportunity to work on a project located in Harbin, China.  The way the
project is set up, we will actually be contracting with another U.S. firm to
do the work.  I would appreciate it if someone would respond to the following
questions for me:

1.  Are there any regulations or registrations that our corporation would
have to obtain to perform the structural engineering design?

2.  Is a United States Professional Engineer sufficient qualifications for
performing the structural design?  If not, what is required of an engineer to
become qualified to perform these services?

3.  Do Chinese fabricators use AISC standard structural steel shapes?

4.  Do Chinese fabricators use AISC specifications for corrugated metals,
fasteners (bolts, nuts, etc.) and welds?

5.  Are there any United States building codes which satisfy building code
requirements in the Heilongjiang region?  If not, are there English versions
of the applicable codes?

If no one has the answers to these questions I would appreciate any help in
pointing me in the right direction.

Kim Hicks
E-Mail:  mcsherrygp(--nospam--at)