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[SEAOC] Shear on Anchor Bolts

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     To: seaoc
     Does anyone have any guidance on the allowable shear in anchor
     for resisting seismic forces?
     Specifically, for A325 bolts embedded in a footing.  I have a 
     condition of needing to resist up to 200 kips of shear.
     The Uniform Building Code provides a design procedure for anchor
     in Section 1925 ANCHORAGE TO CONCRETE.  Both tension and shear
     covered.  ACI SP-103 "Anchorage to Concrete" is a collection of 
     research papers on the subject which includes test data and
     examples.  I also believe SEAOC had a seminar with notes on this

     subject a year or two ago.  Or, if you really want to get with
     refer to ACI 349 "Nuclear Safety Related Concrete Structures", 
     Appendix B "Steel Embedments".
     The critical factors will be how close your anchor bolts are to
     face of the concrete and how close the spacing is between your
     bolts (assuming you have more than one).
     One other item to rustle with is the interpretation of ACI 318
Section "Anchor bolts and Mechanical connectors shall be
designed to 
     reach their design strength prior to anchorage failure or
failure of 
     surrounding concrete".  Some interpret this to mean that you
     the steel bolt for the factored loads but that the anchorage in
     concrete be such to develop the capacity of the bolt.  Others
     and design both the bolt and anchorage to the factored loads.
     could be a good subject to kick around here on the list server!!
     Thomas Hunt