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[SEAOC] Concrete Pile Requirements in Seismic Zones 3 & 4.

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Dec. 5, 1996

Dear Colleagues:

Over the past several years, the SEAOC Seismology Committee has received
numerous inquiries on the ductility capacity of piles (whether it is
curvature ductility capacity in competent soils, or displacement ductility
capacity in soft medium).  With the 1996 Blue Book finally off-the-ground,
the Committee has had an opportunity to respond to some of these issues.  The
attached file is a synopsis of the consensus opinion of the SEAOC Seismology
Committee, which elaborates on the relevant Provisions of the 1994 UBC as
well as Section 302 of the 1996 Blue Book and other internationally
recognized technical reports.  

This article, which essentially discusses confinement issues in Cast-in-Place
and Precast Prestressed Concrete Piles, was specifically prepared in response
to a letter by Carl Gentry to the Committee.  However, we felt it may be of
interest to other SEAOC on-line members as well.  Please look for future
broadcasts on other issues of interest to our membership.

If you have difficulty downloading the complete document (i.e., the Formulae
are missing, etc.) please do not hesitate to call me to receive a faxed copy.

Ali Sadre, Chairman
SEAOC Seismology Committee 

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9320 Chesapeake Dr., # 208
San Diego, CA 92123 
Tel: (619) 560-1468
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