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[SEAOC] Structural Sahpe Properties Survey

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I have the following letter from Professor Karl Frank of the University of
Texas at Austin.  Suggest readers distribute this survey form to anybody who
can help.  Or let me so I can contact them.

Posted by Y. Henry Huang, Los Angeles County Public Works Department

November 11, 1996

The second phase of the SAC Steel Project, a joint venture between Structural
Engineers Association of California, Applied Technology Council, and
California Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering which is
funded by FEMA, has as one of its tasks the determination of the strength of
rolled structural shapes. I am the topical team leader for this
investigation. The significance of changes in the production of structural
shapes from integrated mills to scrap based electric furnace producers using
continuous casting, The marketing of dual grade material, and The
predominance of grade 50 steel upon the distribution of steel strength is
unknown. Previous work was restricted to A7 and A36 steel produced using
older steel making processes. An experimental study to determine the
relationship between mill test values and laboratory test results will be
started shortly. The purpose of this study is to relate the data available
from surveys of current mill tests to member strength under dynamic and
static loading. 

I ask for your help in this effort. We need as much data as we can gather to
include in this study. I have enclosed a form for you to report any data you
may have concerning The measured tension strength and charpy V notch
properties of rolled shapes. Data from tests performed in the last 30 years
is needed. Measured steel properties form research specimens, consulting
investigations, or other sources are needed. If the data is available in
another format, please just send a copy of the
data. I realize that not all The data requested on the form may be available.
please include what data you have. All data will be kept confidential,
however your participation in the survey will be acknowledged unless you wish
to remain anonymous.

Please call me if you have any questions concerning this survey. Please pass
this letter and data form on to your colleaaues who may have additional data.

Thank you for participating in this effort.

Sincerely, Karl Frank, 
Topical Team Leader for Materials and Fracture


1.	Laboratory:
	a. 	Contact Name:	
	b.	Telephone Number:

2.	Mill Test information:
	a.	Producer:	
	b.	Date of Mill Test:	
	c.	Section Size:	
	d.	ASTM Specification of Steel:	

3.	Mill Test Results
	a.	Yield Point (ksi):
	b.	Tensile Strength(ksi):
	c.	Percent Elongation:
	d.	Gage Length(in):
	e.	Charpy V Notch Energy(ft-lb.):
	f.	CVN Test Temperature(F):

4.	Laboratory Test Results
	a.	Tensile Tests:
		Test location (Flange or Web):
		Test Location wrt Thickness:
		Specimen Type (Strap or 0.5 in round):
		Upper Yield Point (ksi):
		Dynamic Yield Strength(ksi):
		Loading Rate For Dynamic Yield:
		Static Yield Strength (ksi):
		Strain at Strain Hardening:
		Dynamic Tensile Strength(ksi):
		Loading Rate For Dyn. Tensile Strength:
		Static Tensile Strength (ksi):
		Percent Elongation:
		Gage Length(in):

5.	Charpy V Notch Test Results
	a.	Test Location (Flange or Web):
	b.	CVN Test Temperature(F):
	c.	Test Location wrt Thickness:
	d.	Absorbed Energy(ft-lb):

Return to:	Karl K Frank
Ferguson Structural Engineering Lab., PRC #177, 10100 Burnet Road, Austin, TX
Telephone: (512)471-4590, FAX: (512)471-1944