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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Division 91 (Tilt-up) Anchor question

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I suspect this particular plan checker doesn't fully understand why the "V"
straps are no longer recommended.

<1. The use of 'V' straps is no longer allowed due to the eccentricity of the
load. It was highly suggested that I install Simpson (or equal) HD2A anchors
at each side of the joist and secure to the exterior wall plate. The intent
is to create a concentric load to the joist or blocking.>

It is my understanding that the observed problem with "V" straps after
Northridge was that in many cases the strap on one side of the joist was
slack while the strap on the other side was taught. You can visualize the
 torquing effect that would occur when this connection is loaded.

The eccentricity which should be eliminated is that described which can occur
with the "V" straps, not that which would exist with a single HD anchor.