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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Division 91 (Tilt-up) Anchor question

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Dear Dennis;

I guess the Gods of plan check are at war.

I do not have CAD drawings but if you send me your fax number I will send you

some details.

Lets start with the HD's. There is a interdepartmental memo dated July 26,
that gives you specific allowable values for use of the HD in tilt-up
The allowable value of HD2A is 885 #. So if you use two, then it will be
This value is fixed reguardless of the member size you are connecting. So if
it is 
a 2x4 or 4x14 the value is 885#. I guess this is the value of the HD at
1/8" deflection and the length of the bolt in the member does not govern.

Allowable Diaphragm values:
Unless you can prove to them the actual nailing and thickness I know you can
max. 250 plf shear value. One option is to expose an area and justify that
I would say do not bother and use the lower values and drag it 4 bays. In my
opinion it is a better detail.

After the EQ. the 1/8" deflection criteria has become the standard. So if you
to use bent plates you have to calculate the deflection of the plate at
designed load.

The Handicap issue:
Unfortunatley Title 24 gets triggered even if you are changing the lights in
the space. While enforcing DIV. 88 it was the departments policy not the
exception to
enforce H.C. requirements. But you are the first person that I know that has
this problem with DIV 91. I would suggest talking to the plan checker first
and then if that does not work then with the supervisor. I do not know of any
person yet doing H.C. complice while doing DIV 91 work. Also remeber the area
of alteration must 
comply so in this case there is no alteration to the space unless you are
doing more than seismic upgrade then there should not be an issue. You can
also ask for exemption due to financial hardship and get a modification to
the building code.

I hope the information given will help you.

P.S. If every thing fails regarding H.C. compliance then ask the plan checker
which code section triggers this work and send it to me.

Ara Maloyan P.E.