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[SEAOC] Seismic Rehabilitation of Building using FEMA 178 and 273.

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Dear Colleagues:                  December 9, 1996
Again, how fortunate we are to have Franklin Lew, SE, Building Official of
Contra Costa County, California share his experience with us concerning the
seismic rehabilitation of buildings and the issues related to the
establishment and enforcement of seismic evaluation and rehabilitation

Unfortunately, some engineers view their role as "knights in shining armor"
ever ready to rush in to save the public from the "evil seismic dragon."
 Franklin Lew gives us a good dose of reality when he stated in his December
7, 1996 posting to SEAOC List Server, "Acceptable risk is shaped and defined
through the politicial process, and engineers providing input today
regrettably are often viewed as just another interest group in the debates ("
and this ordinance should be called the Engineers Full Employment Act....! !"
quote of a politician who shall remain unnamed.)" 

In the forthcoming Earthquake Engineering Research Institute's Oral History
Series for William Moore of Dames & Moore,  he makes a very good point that
engineers, by nature, tend to just talk to one another and need to open their
minds to other people's points of view.  We go to our technical meetings,
conferences and working on committees,  but sometimes we loose sight of the
fact that engineers are just one part of a larger group of people who also
are attempting to address the world's problems.  

Frank E. McClure   FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)