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[SEAOC] ASCE First Forensic Engineering Congress

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October 6 to 8, 1997, Minneapolis, MN

Mark your calendars for the First Forensic Engineering Congress to be held
October 6~8, 1997, in conjunction with the annual ASCE National Convention in
Minneapolis, MN.  This event is sponsored ans organized by the ASCE/Technical
Council on Forensic Engineering (TCFE), with full participation of all of its
technical and task committees. TCFE has appointed Emmanuel E. Velivasakis, P.
E., FASCE, as Chairman of this Congress. The key-note address will be
delivered by the noted engineer and educator Mr. William LeMessurier, P. E.,
FASCE, of Cambridge, MA.

About TCFE        
Forensic Engineering is the application of engineering principles to the
investigation of failure, or other non-performance of structures or
facilities. Considering the natural and man-made catastrophes that the USA
and the World has suffered in the recent past, i.e., earthquakes, floods,
hurricanes, bombings, and other failures, this inter-disciplinary practice of
engineering has become more and more visible and important to the extent that
it is quickly developing its own distinct identity as a recognized

ASCE has taken steps to address this issues and needs of forensic engineers,
more than 10 years ago, by creating The Technical Council on Forensic
Engineering, (TCFE).  TCFE provides a vehicle for forensic engineers, from
all over the World, to share information and knowledge gained from
investigations of failures of constructed facilities, and to participate in
deliberations for devising practices, methods, and standards to minimized
such failures in the future. Today, this council claims more than 7,000
members amongst its ranks.

Among the primary purposes of the ASCE/Technical Council on Forensic
Engineering, (TCFE) are to develop practices to reduce and mitigate failures

?	Disseminating information on failures and their causes
?	Providing guidelines for conducting failure investigations
?	Encouraging research and education in Forensic Engineering practice
?	Encouraging ethical conduct in Forensic Engineering practice

About the Congress             
Both in its approach, concept and content, this Congress has been
characterized by some people from: extremely interesting and provocative, to
"The Event of the Year"!  Some of the World's most accomplished experts in
their respective fields, plan to gather for this three day "Symposium" to
tackle and hammer-out some of the most interesting problems that plague the
engineering profession, and at the same time share information on a variety
of topics and subjects.

The list of topics to be covered in the Congress program is as follows:

?	Natural Disasters: risk assessment and mitigation
?	Lessons from Oklahoma City: technical and logistical aspects of the bombing
?	Moment-resisting steel frame connections: update on research undertaken
following the Northridge earthquake
?	Failures during construction
?	Failures caused by misuse of computers
?	Near misses and narrow escapes
?	Lift-slab construction practices
?	Serviceability failures: problem facades and roofs, excessive deformations
?	Non-destructive testing techniques
?	Education in Forensic Engineering: an investment in our future
?	Ethical issues and unethical practices

These topics should be of interest to all engineers, and not just those whose
practice is entirely devoted to Forensic work. Presenters of the above
referenced topics will be invited speakers, recognized as experts in their
respective fields.  Presenters will be asked to include lessons learned from
case studies they discuss, as well as techniques used in their
investigations.  Thus the sessions will contain valuable information for
engineers who are occasionally called upon to perform forensic
investigations, facility managers, owners, architects, and other
professionals who wish to improve their practices by incorporating the latest
lessons from forensic engineering into their practice.

Finally, among the social events planned to take place during the Congress
will include:

?	A luncheon during which the award for "Best Paper of the Year" of TCFE's
journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities will be given.

?	A dinner-reception during which the "Forensic Engineer of the Year" award
will be presented.

?	Other social functions planned during the ASCE Convention, will provide
ample opportunity for attendees and their spouses to socialize and network.

Please mark your calendars for this important and exciting Congress: October
6 to 8, 1997 in Minneapolis, MN.