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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Eurocodes

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Eurocode 3 by the name tells you that there are more than one,they go up to
The Europeans have different IDs and when you have to work with them, they
may have to use same codes , but they are different. So it depends with
which Europeans you were working because the general idea is that Americans
do not have strong economical criteria when they design not that they are
silly. Actually ,  they turn to steel constructions now.
Anyway ,  thanks for the phone numbers
V. Gziki
> From: Hunt, Tom <tom.hunt(--nospam--at)>
> To: SEAOC(--nospam--at)
> Subject: [SEAOC] Eurocodes
> Date: Friday, November 29, 1996 9:28 AM
>      To: seaoc
>      I would like to know if anyone is familiar with the Eurocodes
> from 
>      E.U. or working with " state limit ", not "allowable stresses ".
>      *******************************
>      The Eurocode you are probably referring to is EUROCODE 3: DESIGN
> OF 
>      STEEL STRUCTURES Part 1.1 General Rules and Rules for Buildings
> (DD 
>      ENV 1993-1-1).  Also you are probably referring to "LIMIT STATE"
>      design.  Limit state design for structural steel is similar to
> our 
>      LRFD design (Ultimate Strength) as opposed to ASD design
> (Working 
>      Stress).  The Europeans I have worked with think it is quite
> silly 
>      that we have designed concrete in the U.S. for 20 year using
> Ultimate 
>      Strength Design but when it comes to steel we still use Working
> Stress 
>      (previously discussed many times on this list server!!).
>      If you need foreign codes (DIN, British, Japanese, etc) a good
> source 
>      is IHS (Information Handling Services) in Englewood, Colorado.
> If you 
>      need a complete set they can supply CD-ROMs or if you just need
> one or 
>      two they can fax them to you.  They can be reached at
> 1-800-447-3352, 
>      or 1-303-790-0600, or Internet:custsvc(--nospam--at)
>      Thomas Hunt
>      TOM.HUNT(--nospam--at)
> ...
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