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[SEAOC] question

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I am a law professor teaching builidng regulation in the Fire protection
engineering department at the University of Maryland.  I am trying to
understand something about the "load factor" term used in limit state
design.  a commentary that I have indicates that the load factor is used
"to account for those instances when the actual load may be greater than the
Calculated load" and that it is the "safety factor" in the calculation.

Is this correct?  I would assume that variations in the expected load in the
building were in Q the applied load, and that the load factor is designed to
for measurement and similar errors. My CE contact has left for the holidays.
any ideas?

Happy to trade legal opinions for technical info,

Prof. Vincent M. BRANNIGAN
College of Engineering
University of Maryland at College Park
College Park Md. 20742
or 301 657 1410)