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[SEAOC] Thesis

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 Hi!, my name's Luis Enrique Pantoja Morales. I already finished the 9th 
 semester of Civil Engineering here in México (Puebla,Pue).
 I study at the U.P.A.E.P. (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Puebla), 
 Autonomous University of the State of Puebla.
 I'm looking for some information about 'Disipadores de energía sísmica' 
 Seismic energy dispersers, and 'Cimentación utilizada en la Torre de 
 Sears', Foundation of the Sears Tower.
 I heard somthing about the Sears Tower's foundation, that says 'To reduce 
 the big deformations produced by the air, the foundation counts with some 
 jacks that move separately...etc.'.
 As you can see i don't know much about this, but for sure i want to, so 
 please, if you have some information, or if you know where i can find it, 
 let me know it.
 My E-mail is ' AL70122(--nospam--at) '. 
 Thanks for your attention.
 P.s. Please excuse any misspell, but i don't practice very often the 
 written expression in english (nor spoken).