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Re: Anchoring a Bolt in Concrete Block Advice Needed

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Stephen Berlant (berlant) wrote:
> Hello,
> My recent Net Search for "Drop-In Anchors" caused me to come across your
> recent discussion of methods of anchoring in concrete block. So, i thought
> i'd try to tap your collective wisdom to find the safest way to anchor in
> the vertical surface of an exterior wall made of unfilled concrete block a 1
> inch eye bolt capable of holding 7200 lbs so the eyebolt will remain in
> place when, in the worst possible case, a downward torque of 1500 ft.lbs. is
> instantaneously applied to the eye for a few seconds.

Don't do it yet!

I don't have any of my catalogues or anchorage stuff, but I feel pretty
confident that you will not be able to to use any anchor in an empty
block wall.

7200 pounds is the actual load? That is not in the range of the block.

Quick answer: don't do it.

You should get well reasoned answers on this list soon.

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