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Re: Anchoring a Bolt in Concrete Block Advice Needed

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>> My recent Net Search for "Drop-In Anchors" caused me to come across your
>> recent discussion of methods of anchoring in concrete block. So, i thought
>> i'd try to tap your collective wisdom to find the safest way to anchor in
>> the vertical surface of an exterior wall made of unfilled concrete block
a 1
>> inch eye bolt capable of holding 7200 lbs so the eyebolt will remain in
>> place when, in the worst possible case, a downward torque of 1500
ft.lbs. is
>> instantaneously applied to the eye for a few seconds.

I'm not sure what a "drop-in anchor" is, but what you should be using is an
adhesive system with a screen. You drill a hole in the wall, insert a
screen looking material rolled into a cylindrical shape, fill it with
adhesive, then insert the bolt. The adhesive material oozes through the
screen and forms a blob that bonds to the inside of the face shell and
prevents the bolt from pulling through. I don't have a catalog in front of
me, so I can't give you any specific load values. Any out there have a
Hilti catalog handy?
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