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Seismic evaluation of buildings--unsafe for occupancy?

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I'm looking for FEMA, ATC, SEAOC, etc. publications that
are intended to assist building officials and structural
engineers to determine when a building that is structurally
deficient is unsafe for use and when it is not. (I'm
*not* looking for publications that assist in determining
when a building is deficient; FEMA-178 seems to be fine for
that purpose.)

It seems to me that in an academic sense, probabalistic
methods could help inform the decision, with consideration
of the likelihood of a significant seismic event occuring
in the time before remedial work, the risk of collapse due
to that event relative to the risk of collapse of some other
"typical" building during a similar exposure period, etc. 
Know of any papers on this topic?

Of ATC-14, ATC-20, and FEMA-178, only ATC-20
explicitly discusses when a building should be considered
unsafe, and that discussion is focused on returning to
service structurally *damaged* buildings.  It concludes
(pg 111)  that there is little formal guidance available.
I'm interested in the decision-making process regarding
structurally *deficient* buildings, but your "leads" to
papers, publications, or people regarding either type
of building would be appreciated.

Thanks again,
Dave Evans, P.E.