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Re: Building Ordinance Endorsement

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DouglasFur(--nospam--at) wrote:
> What would be covered by a "Building Ordinance Endorsement" on a homeowners
> or earthquake insurance policy. Would this endorsement cover the emergency
> ordinances adopted after a disaster? (As the City of LA did with shear walls,
> chimneys, SMRF after the Northridge earthquake.) I would welcome some
> thoughts as to the value of such an endorsement.  Some areas where it would
> be of some value include:1. The addition of plywood shear walls, where there
> was stucco or gypsum wallboard, to satisfy today's lateral design values. 2.
> Addition of plwood sheathing to the roof diaphragm. 3. The upgrade of seismic
> anchors and allowable values for seismic hardware.  I welcome any comment and
> would be glad to share with same.
> Doug Litchfield, Email DouglasFur(--nospam--at)

I may be wrong, but I think a "Building Ordinance Endorsement" usually
refers to rebuilding a structure after a disaster.  Many communities
have adopted ordinances that require homes (and other structures) that
are to be repaired must be brought up to current codes - if the repairs
will cost more than 50% (this percentage often varies from community to
community) of the "pre-disaster value" of the structure.  This extra
cost to bring the entire structure up to current codes is usually NOT
covered by homeowner's or other regular insurance policies.