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Re: 2 Holddowns at corner question

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I have always used one holdown at the corner. There is no additional eccentricity. You will always have eccentricity with respect to the center of the post.


At 03:17 PM 12/31/96 -0800, you wrote:
I often have conditions where there is a holddown required for two shearwalls that meet at a corner condition. The HDA is used to resist uplift in each direction of application.
The contractor mentioned that his last engineer used only one holddown at a similar connection. I contacted Simpson Strong-tie to get their opinion about the use of a holddown where there is an eccentricity in loading. Their comment was that as long as the HDA was installed in the same post that exhibited uplift from either direction, they could see no problem with this.
I am still unconvinced and feel that the action of the anchor is not acting in the same plane as the uplift force in the wall. There could be as much as a 3.5" eccentricty from the center of the uplifting wall to the centerline of the anchor.
Simpson has not done any testing of this condition to date.
My solution in the past was to provide two HDA's (one for each direction) and set one higher than the other (since the distance from the lower bolt to the plate is a minimum distance).
I would like to have some other comments and opinions on this. I do not like to use PAHD anchors since there is little control in the field as to the adequacy of the nailing by the framer.
Thank in advance for your consideration and comments.
Dennis S. Wish PE

Dennis S. Wish PE

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