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Re: 22-1/2 degree masonry bolts

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On Wed, 29 Jan 1997 11:40:48 -0800
Alexander Itsekson wrote...

> Does anybody know what is the accepted inclination of 22-1/2 degree epoxy
> bolts in unreinforced masonry (upwards, downwards, sideways)?
> It seems like the most common practice is to install them
> downwards, but what do you do when the bolts are at the ceiling? 

It is acceptable to incline the bolts either upwards or downdards.
The important thing is that they cross the bed joint in the masonry.
Random testing of installed adhesive anchors is essential to ensure
quality control.  On a recent large project, we had a number of bolts
(several hundred) tested in both orientations and observed no 
failures.  BTW, I would like to promote the use of the term "1:2 
slope" or "6:12 slope" rather than "22-1/2 degrees," as the latter 
implies a degree of precision that's really not warranted.


Stephen K. Harris
EQE International
44 Montgomery St, Suite 3200
San Francisco, CA 94104