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Re: Database of Dead Beat Clients

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I believe that this is a great idea, but also believe that we would be open
to lawsuit for defimation of character and personal liable. Inasmuch as
there are three sides to each story, I believe that this would be a very
touchy step unless you had the resources behind you that say a Telecredit
or TRW has. Remember too that these credit reporting agency's are bound by
very strict law as to what is public knowledge.
Protecting the personal integrity of a client (or an engineer if the shoe
is on the other foot) is most important. Black listing or unsubstantiated
(or disputed) claims is a very grey area and would leave the engineer
extremly liable to retribution by the cleints.
Sorry, but as much as love the idea I would be very hesitant to place one
of my clients on the list. The last thing I want is for this "deadbeat" to
get the better of me in court because some lawyer twisted the facts in
favor of his client.
On another note, I once questioned why my credit is threatened by large
companies when a bill is paid late, but my clients get away scott free when
they refuse to pay. OR why is my credit impaired when a client bounces a
check on me and walks away clean?
I was told that reporting agencies such as TRW or Equifax sell their
services by contract to companies with thousands of clients. The small or
mid-size office is not large enough to report directly to credit companies
and must go through large collection agencies for this service. 
Therefore, there is no protection for merchants to protect their credit and
place blame were it actually belongs. 
Possibly your idea has merit here - if the professional community where to
utilize one or two collection companies that have reporting power. I don't
think this is the responsibility of the professional organizations to be
involved in. 
Dennis Wish