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Database of Dead Beat Clients

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Would it be a valuable service to its membership if
SEAOC maintained a database of dead beat clients?

It would not be necessary to investigate or follow-up
on complaints and SEAOC can provide disclaimers to that
effect, but if there was something that we could research
before we contracted with a new client, we could read
reports (complaints) about potential clients, may even
contact the claimant and discuss the situation.

Last year, I became involved in a project which included
approximately 16-18 consultants (Structural and Electrical).
The client was not paying and we started having a dialog
between ourselves about the issue. At that point, we were
not competitors but colleagues working together for a common
goal (which is the way is should be). One of the options that
this situation afforded us is that, my atty was more interested
in processing a law suit if we all got together and filed a
single suit than 16 or 18 individual efforts.

There are some clients that, when they are mis-managing their
cash flow, will hire a new consultant because he is behind in
payments to his old one. I think we should be aware of these
situations. If that old consultant created a database entry that
said something to the effect "ABC Architects is over 90 days", the
new consultant would be better informed when contracting with
ABC Architects.