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Re: Limit of liability -Reply

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In a message dated 97-01-24 00:10:00 EST, you write:

<< I've busted my hocks for about 10 years in private practice, but 
 I've never been happier. I've learned to set real priorities, take credit 
 for good work, own up to my mistakes, exercise judgement and learn a lot 
 about the art and the business of engineering. Best of all, my work 
 relationships are truly professional; if a client is right or wrong, it's 
 my professional duty to explain why and show him what needs to be done, 
 honestly and respectfully, without worrying that I've made a highly 
 placed enemy or taken the wrong side in a corporate blood bath.  >>

You spoke for me!!  I also agree with Dennis Wish.

I have been on my own for six years in this country and really enjoy it.
 Sure, there are ups and downs and once in a while I wonder how I am going to
make mortgage payment for my house and office.  Other times I wonder why I am
looking at a foundation of a house crawling on my (still controlled) belly
when I could be working on a high profile project with exposure, name and
fame.  Well, my rewards are that my clients are happy with my service.  My
practice is 100% referrals.  I collect 99% of my fees and fortunately did not
have a need to go to small claims so far.  It is particularly satisfying when
a client calls to thank for sound advise, clear explanation of my views and
opinions.  I just had this experience when I was called by a client to look
at an existing house he was planning to buy in the east bay hills.  Besides,
these jobs pay well per hour since I charge a fixed fee.  Of course I take
more exciting and challenging jobs at lower fees to keep my hands on
different types of jobs.  Makes my work diverse and interesting.

Bottom line is whatever makes you happy.  Self employement is not for
everyone.  But those who ventured it may be rewarded.

Anand Nene, S. E.