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Re: Limit of liability -Reply

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I have worked for large companies as well as small ones plus had my own
practice twice.  Unless you have instant access to a large client base
and financially do not need to work I recommend working for an employer.
	The facts are that having your own company means that the clients are
your employer but they tend to expect you to work for free or for no
profit (profit is a bad word never to be mentioned around any client). 
If you are married you need to keep in mind that good medical insurance
becomes expensive as a small business and you may not even be able to
afford it at first.  Also try walking into your local bank and tell them
you are buying a house and need a loan.  Your day starts when you want
it to which will usually be when you wake up wondering how you will meet
your payrole.  Your day will usually end after midnight (note your
already into the next day).
	On the plus side if you survive for two years you will be over the
worst part and should be able to keep thing together unless the economy
goes south.  It can be fun and I personally know three engineers who
have had small offices for more than ten years and would have it no
other way.

Good Luck

Jim Dane